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Like No Other - Building Your Dreams One Block at a Time

Like No Other - Building Your Dreams One Block at a Time

ICF - Insulating Concrete Forms


Distributor and partner of IntegraSpec®

Phil-Insul Corporation (PIC)/  IntegraSpec®, the only true panellized Insulated Concrete Form Wallsystem, has been created with the input of structural engineers, computer assisted design and more than 75 years of field experience in the residential/commercial concrete form/construction industry.


The Mission

PIC has developed IntegraSpec® ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) / Building System to address the needs of today’s market and eliminate problems that occur in most ICF's. It is a patented system focusing on the bi-directional, "flippable and reversible", panels which are interlocked using the web/spacers. insulating concrete form foundation


The Difference

IntegraSpec® stands for quality and performance delivering a higher end finished product, while increasing the value of large or small projects in all markets.
Walls are energy efficient, quiet and safe, while the owners save money on heating and cooling costs, enjoy healthy indoor air quality and benefit from a safer environment, sheltered from the storm.

More About Phil-Insul Corp / IntegraSpec®

About IntegraSpec (pdf)